Welcome to your new base!

Your goal is to survive on Mars.

You can open the menu at right to buy new habitations / storage rooms / factories.

Habitations give more place for people.

Storage rooms give more place for resources.

Factories allow people to work and make money.

You can call spaceships to get more resources and people. (Each call will cost you $500).

The deeper you build, the more you pay.

Asteroids spawn every ~50 seconds.

Habitations and Storage rooms give you 50 points. They make you lose 25 points when they are destroyed.

Factories give you 100 points. They make you lose 50 points when they are destroyed.

The goal is to build a base as big as possible. The bigger your base, the more points you will get.

WARNING: Asteroids explodes when they touch the ground!

Good luck and have fun!

29/04, 15h00

Changelog : Bug fixing

-The explosion when the asteorids touch the ground scale up to the asteorid's size

-The price of the starship lowers when we lower the number of ressources we import

- Error texts now show up the correct message

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The game is very fun and entertaining, the music is excellent, as are the graphics, well done.

Le jeu est très fun et divertissant, la musique est excellente, tout comme les graphiques, bravo.

Frais Chacal 👌🏻